KUALA LUMPUR, March 6 – A total of 222 of the 3,227 one-off specially recruited teachers who were given placements in Sarawak, failed to report or rejected the offer as of Sept 30 last year, the Ministry of Education (MoE) said.

The MoE, in response to an oral question on the Parliament website today, informed that the 3,227 one-off teachers included 2,621 permanent teachers and 606 teachers who were appointed on contract basis for placement in Sarawak.

“The recruitment of teachers will be carried out continuously from time to time depending on vacancies available and the need for subject choices,” according to the ministry.

This was in reply to a question from Ahmad Johnie Zawawi (GPS-Igan) on the the number of one-off and contract teachers who did not report for work or had rejected the offer to teach in Sarawak and the steps taken by MoE to fill the vacancies.

According to MoE, Sarawak-born teachers are given priority to be placed in the state based on vacancies available and subject options requirement.

For professional development of new teachers, MoE has implemented the New Teacher Development Programme to assist and enable new teachers to adapt to the school environment, culture and community.

“New teachers also receive continuous guidance from mentor teachers in improving their professional competence, especially skills and expertise to ensure that learning and teaching (PdP) can be delivered more effectively,” the ministry said.


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