WASHINGTON, March 25 — United States (US) President Joe Biden lauded relations with the US’ northern neighbor on Friday, saying the international community “needs” them to work hand-in-hand Anadolu Agency (AA) reported.

Addressing the Canadian parliament, Biden touted relations between Washington and Ottawa, saying the North American neighbors are “working closely” to address a range of challenges, from the Russian war in Ukraine to migration and instability in Haiti.

“The world needs Canada and the US working together with our partners around the world to rally strong and effective global action,” Biden said, immediately turning to collaboration on Ukraine.

“Nowhere is that more obvious than the united response to Russia’s brutal aggression against Ukraine. We’ve stood together to defend sovereignty, to defend democracy, to defend freedom for ourselves and all who wish it,” he said.

Amid persistent instability in Haiti, Biden said the US and Canada are “working in partnership” to “find ways to provide security, humanitarian assistance and help strengthen Haiti’s stability.”

Speaking before Biden, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also emphasised the bonds and cooperation between the US and Canada, saying the border that separates the nations is “a meeting place rather than a dividing line.”

“Our border is no longer just the place where we meet each other. It’s the place where we will meet the moment. It’s the place where we will meet the future, a future not only with good jobs, but good, stable careers for generations to come,” he said.

NASA is slated to announce its upcoming Artemis II mission, which will include a Canadian astronaut who will be sent to space and around the moon before returning to Earth alongside three American astronauts, Biden said.

“We choose to return to the moon together, together return to the moon, and from there we look forward to Mars and the limitless possibilities that lie beyond,” he said.


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