As of now, more than 1,100 Chinese citizens have been safely evacuated from Sudan, Wu Xi, director-general of the Department of Consular Affairs at the Chinese Foreign Ministry, told China Media Group on Wednesday.

Under the guidance of the Foreign Ministry, the embassies and consulates in Sudan and neighboring countries organized large-scale, safe, and orderly evacuations of personnel from conflict areas such as Khartoum in a short period, Wu said.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army mobilized warships to carry out the transfer and evacuation operation, according to Wu.

China also upholds the concept of a human community with a shared future and offers proactive assistance in the safe evacuation of foreign nationals, she added.

The fundamental purpose of China’s diplomacy, according to Wu, is to serve the people through diplomacy, adding that China has carried out the largest number of organized evacuees since the outbreak of the conflict in Sudan.

Deadly armed clashes between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces in Khartoum and other areas have taken place since April 15. At least 512 people have been killed in the clashes, according to Sudan’s Health Ministry on Wednesday.


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