BUKIT MERTAJAM, May 26 — The Penang branch of the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN) has appointed five major wholesalers to help overcome the issue of sugar supply disruptions in the state over the past few days.

Its director, S. Jegan said the wholesalers will act as an intermediary between the Penang KPDN and retailers so that the issue can be handled more effectively.

“We appointed them yesterday and each wholesaler will be situated in every district and those appointed will get 30 per cent extra sugar from manufacturers.

“Through this Dedicated Direct Wholesaler (DDW) action plan that was launched yesterday, traders who have run out of sugar to sell can contact the Penang KPDN directly and we will arrange delivery to their stores,” he told a media conference, here, today.

He said that based on monitoring and inspections, they found that there was indeed a disruption in the supply of sugar in retail shops in the state, with the main cause being panic buying especially among traders who bought in large quantities.

He added that from May till today, the total amount of sugar distributed statewide was 628.4 tonnes and that it should be sufficient for the supply in the state.

He also denied claims that some business premises in Little India are selling sugar at RM4.60 per kilogramme (kg) due to the shortage of sugar as their inspection found that the traders were complying with the set price of RM2.85 per kg.

“As of yesterday, we have helped eight retailers who contacted our office to obtain sugar supplies from wholesalers appointed by the Penang KPDN,” he said.

He advised retailers having problems getting sugar supplies to contact the Penang KPDN office at 04-3840154/155/158.


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