KOTA KINABALU, May 27 — Eight items have been listed as controlled goods under the Kaamatan Festival 2023 Festive Season Maximum Price Control Scheme for seven days starting today.

Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Minister Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub said the price control initiative was to allow the people, especially those celebrating the Kaamatan Festival, to shop at controlled prices.

“This Kaamatan Festival (price control) is set for seven days, which is three days before the festival, one day during the festival and three days after the festival,” he told reporters after launching the price control scheme at Bataras Hypermarket, Kolombong here today.

Salahuddin said besides selling price-controlled items, the supermarket was also selling Menu Rahmah meals at RM5.

According to the media statement distributed at the event, the eight items are chicken wings which are set at RM15.50 per kg for the wholesale price and RM16.50 per kg for the retail price; imported buffalo meat (India) except for tenderloin at RM20 per kg (wholesale) and RM22 per kg (retail), pork belly at RM43 per kg and RM45 per kg and pork consisting of lean meat and fatty meat at RM36 per kg and RM38 per kg.

The price for small red onion (India) on the West Coast is set at RM6 (wholesale) and RM7 (retail) per kg; garlic from China at RM6.50 and RM8; flat dry chilli at RM16 and RM18 and live pig at RM19.50 per kg.

Meanwhile, on the East Coast, small red onion (India) is set at RM7 and RM8 per kg; garlic from China at RM7 and RM8.50 and live pig at RM20 per kg.

Salahuddin also said the ministry would ensure the continuous supply of sugar in the market with daily monitoring besides controlling the prices of coarse and refined sugar, adding manufacturers have been ordered to produce white sugar for consumer use to prevent a shortage.

“(The supply of) coarse and refined white sugar must be in the market, that is the condition that has been set for the industry after the ministry gave it permission to produce clear refined white sugar that they can sell without price control,” he said while insisting that the ministry would not compromise on those found hoarding the supply or taking advantage of its announcement regarding the matter.

On Thursday, the government allowed two local sugar-producing companies – MSM Malaysia Holdings Bhd and Central Sugars Refinery Sdn Bhd (CSR) – to produce clear refined white sugar of which the price is determined by the market, giving consumers a choice of sugar, besides the existing coarse and fine refined white sugar.


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