NILAI, May 27 — The National Science Week (MSN) Carnival 2023 at Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) here is expected to draw 1.7 million visitors, said Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Chang Lih Kang.

He said the carnival which will be held monthly from April to October, will focus on key areas such as health, planet, chemistry and biotechnology, social innovation, engineering, nanotechnology, and space.

He added that the organisation of the carnival was in line with the National Policy on Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTIN) 2021-2030 to mobilise various Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) culture initiatives in an integrated manner.

“In line with the Malaysia MADANI concept, the element of creativity is one of the six main pillars that focus on the country’s readiness to embrace the dynamics of Industry 4.0, that is, through the increased use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, automation and artificial intelligence,” he said in his speech at the MSN Carnival 2023 at USIM today.

 Meanwhile, the two-day carnival will feature several interesting STI-based activities, including mini planetarium demonstrations, solar observation, a drone challenge competition, interactive science shows, robotics activities, DIY rockets, planet VR and STI Pocket Talk.


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