Congratulations to the China Entrepreneurs Association in Malaysia in hosting the 1st  China Smart Industry Trade Exhibition .

(Prime Minister’s Congratulatory Message to PUCM in Hosting the 1st China Smart Industry Trade Exhibition on 14-15th Dec 2019 )

I believe this initiative will encourage more China’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) or smart technologies’ companies to invest in Malaysia. Malaysia remains a business friendly nation and very much welcomes investments involving advanced technologies.

       The Fourth Industrial Revolution demands a new way of thinking and innovative approaches to businesses. We need to constantly challenge ourselves to adapt and master new technologies to ensure that we remain competitive and relevant.

       It is the Government’s aspiration to see the smart technologies being shared between Malaysia and China companies. I hope that the china Entrepreneurs Association in Malaysia, through this Trade exhibition , could bring more Al and smart technologies to Malaysia and work closely with Malaysian partners to further enrich Malaysia’s technological development.

Malaysia-China Entrepreneurs – PUCM’s official bilingual Magazine highlights Mahattir’s message as Cover story

       I hope the China Smart Industry Trade Exhibition will be a great success and members of the China Entrepreneurs Association in Malaysia will enjoy a meaningful experience.

Thank you.


30 August 2019


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