Kuala Lumpur Sept 4 — Perdasama is willing to work with PUCM for Bringing China smart technology, said Tan Sri Matshah Safuan, president of Malay Businessmen & Industrialists Association of Malaysia (Perdasama), after meeting with PUCM president Dato’ Keith Li, together with PUCM Vice President Charles Yang, Perdasama Secretary General Dato Fauzi, and Xinhua Net CEO David Wang in Kuala Lumpur.

Tan Sri expressed his strong confidence in China smart technology and AI technology.He shared same viewpoint with Prime Minister that Malaysia need to bring more AI or smart technology from China to help develop local economy rather than relying on employing foreign workers.” Perdasama will give full support to PUCM’s Smart Industry Trade Exhibition in coming December,” Tan Sri added.

PUCM President Dato Keith li told MCI that ,through this exhibition, PUCM will enable Malaysian smart industry  trade players and others to learn more about China’s smart technology and product services, better promote exchanges and interactions with the local community, introduce more advanced Chinese products and technologies to Malaysia, and assist the country’s economic development.  

The exhibition will take place at Mid valley in December and will feature leading ICT companies such as China Mobile International, China Telecom, China Commservice, GCI, Vivo Technology and UB Tech among others,  also quite some local IT and smart industry company will join the trade exhibition with the strong supports from local key partner associations like PIKOM, Perdasama, SME, and MCCC.


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