Zhou Lunbin (Left) and Song Qiu (Right) showcase Leshan's exquisite tourism gifts

20th Jan. Kuala Lumpur : Sichuan Leshan  Tourism   Promotion symposium was successfully  held in Kuala Lumpur today.   The symposium focused on New Tourism slogan – Sichuan, more than Pandas , a new tourism concept of Leshan 2020 and launched a series of high-quality cultural tourism products for Malaysian tourists. 

Leshan of Sichuan Province, famous for its world tallest Buddha of 71 meters high today presented a new Leshan promotion video, which showed the new charm of Leshan  to Malaysian travel agencies and media in  Kuala Lumpur.

Zhou Lunbin, deputy mayor of the People’s Government of Leshan, attended this symposium and delivered  a speech to  about 60 well-known outbound travel agents and media in Kuala Lumpur.  He pointed out that Leshan is a one of the most attractive and splendid tourist destinations in China. In addition to the world famous Giant buddhaand rich tourism products and tourist routes shown during the promotion, Leshan will continue to create new tourism products and resources , such as the Emei martial arts tourist routes, Jiazhou food and culture tour, and the War Palace Museum Park. Visiting Leshan today will definitely be a different experience.

Zhou Lunbin interacting with with local Malaysian Media and reporters

Mdm Song Qiu, the director general  of Leshan Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau, introduced the new tourism resources of  Leshan in details and extended warm welcome to Malaysian tourists . 

Mdm Song Qiu, Director General of Leshan Cultura, Radio, TV and Tourism Bureau doing a detailed presentation)

Focusing on Malaysian tourists, Mdm Pan Yan from Sichuan CITS  introduced some new cultural tourism products including Unique Mount EMEI, Jia Yang Steam Train and Night Tour of Three River, New Way of Leshan Travel 2020, Huanglong, Dujiangyan Classic World Heritage 8-day tour, research tour; Buddhist cultural pilgrimage tour and gourmet tour.  

The exquisite gifts labeled with Leshan Logo catching the eyes of Travel Agents and media reporters on the forum

Travel agents and medias showed strong interest in organising tours to Leshan after filling with new Leshan products and tourism resources besides the giant Buddha, which believed to be the largest in the world with over thousand years.   


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