KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 26 — Malindo Air has confirmed that seven of its crew members have been quarantined for up to 14 days in Zhengzhou, China after a passenger on board was suspected to be infected with novel coronavirus.

According to a statement posted on the airline’s official Facebook page today, the crew members had flown from Kuala Lumpur to Zhengzhou on Jan 24.

“Malindo Air is closely monitoring the situation and providing all necessary assistance to the crew as well as authorities in China, to minimise the spread of coronavirus.

“Proactive screening of passengers on the ground and tighter control over the movement of our passengers for all flights to and from Mainland China are ongoing.

“All Chinese passengers from Hubei province must produce a medical certificate to prove they are fit to fly. Those found unfit will not be allowed to board the flight,” the statement read.

Passengers can contact the Malindo Air Customer Care team at customer_care@malindoair.com or call +603-7841 5388 (8 am-10 pm) to cancel or change their flights.


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