PUCM President Datuk Keith Li (Right 5) and Yunda Chairman Datuk Luke Low at Handover ceremony in Shah Alam - Photo from Xinhua News Agency Kuala Lumpur

Shah Alam Jan 29 MCI News: Recently while Wuhan Novel Coronavirus is in critical situation , China need huge amount of medical supplies including Medical masks,Medical protective clothing,goggles etc.

In Malaysia, there is currently also a shortage of related materials, but at this time as usual , Malaysian organisations  showed their love for Wuhan people in China by donating such items.  

China Entrepreneurs Association In Malaysia  (PUCM) held  a donation handover ceremony of medical materials for Wuhan fighting Coronavirus   at Yunda Express’s Malaysia headquarters in Shah Alam , and handed over 100,000 pieces medical supplies donated by its members  to Yunda Express for immediate delivery to China. 

From left to right: Shelly Shen, Yan Biao, Chen Quanqing, Keith Li, Brandy Liew attended the handover ceremony while others enjoying CNY holidays – Photo from Xinhua News Agency Kuala Lumpur

Yunda Express  provided free courier service for this donation.  Yunda Express, founded in 1999, is a China express delivery company integrating express, logistics, e-commerce distribution and warehousing services  headquartered in Shanghai . Yunda express Malaysia was established in 2017.

PUCM, established in 2015, has over 140 members, including 50 entrepreneurs from China who are married to Malaysians.


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