PUTRAJAYA, March 27 (Bernama) — The government will channel RM25 million to the vulnerable groups through the RM250-billion economic stimulus package announced today by Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

He said the groups included elderly and children in shelter homes, handicapped, homeless and Orang Asli.

“The government will work with related non-governmental organisations and social entrepreneurs to provide aid such as food, healthcare items and shelter for them,” he said.

Meanwhile, he said the government would also extend the rental payment exemption for the People’s Housing Project (PPR) from one month to six months with a total cost of RM3 million to be borne by the government.

“The exemption will benefit 3,636 PPR units (rented or transit) under the purview of the Housing and Local Government Ministry,” he said.

As for the 4,649 rent-to-own PPR units, Muhyiddin said, residents are permitted to delay their monthly payment for six months from April to September, which would cost the government RM5.7 million.

He said for public housing, the Kuala Lumpur City Hall would provide the same exemption that would benefit more than 40,000 tenants.

Muhyiddin also called on state governments and local authorities to grant the same exemptions to ease the people’s burden.


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