KUALA LUMPUR, May 14 — The use of technology in the public service, which is now the new normal as the country faces the COVID-19 outbreak, could be considered as a post-pandemic practice.

Chief Secretary to the Government Datuk Seri Mohd Zuki Ali said the use of technology such as video conferencing had been introduced in the government sector before, but it is now fully utilised and provides many benefits.

“We never thought about the need to work from home or (holding) virtual meetings, even though it has been around for a long time, we should not waste this opportunity, the new normal can help us to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted service to the community.

“The government could consider using this technology after COVID-19 is over to save on the allocation of new office space and it does not require high equipment costs as fewer staff are needed to come to the office,” he said.

He said this in an interview on the ‘Bicara Naratif Bersama KSN: Norma Baharu’ programme over TV1 RTM tonight.

Meanwhile, Mohd Zuki said the public sector should set an example to the private sector in following  the guidelines and standard operating procedures (SOPs) set during the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO).

“If we can’t set a good example, how can we make sure others follow what we have implemented,” he said.


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