PUTRAJAYA, May 31 — Gawai Dayak is expected to be celebrated modestly tomorrow as the nation is still observing the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) and many are unable to return to their hometowns for the celebration as sacrifice and support for the government’s efforts to break COVID-19  infection chain.

National Unity Minister Datuk Halimah Mohamed Sadique said the celebration this time may not be the same but the spirit of Gawai Dayak as a festival to mark the end of harvest season after going through challenges with perseverance is just as joyous.  

She said despite the different cultural practices and locations, it did not stop Gawai Dayak from being celebrated together with the other Malaysian communities, as a way of respecting the long preserved tradition and the celebration is also translated into the context of a multi-cultural society with respect for each other to forge national unity.

“I would like to wish Happy Gawai Dayak, Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai Lantang Senang Nguan Menua to all celebrating,” she said.


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