KUALA LUM​​​​​​PUR, July 13 — Digitalisation of the government service delivery system will provide fast service to the people and reduce their need to visit counters at government agencies, said Chief Secretary to the Government Datuk Seri Mohd Zuki Ali.

As such, he said the reduction or closure of counters at government agencies can be done as the people can access the services online.

“The digitalisation (of the government delivery system) will also enable the government to identify services that can be upgraded to end-to-end online services through business process reengineering, skills development process, human resources, regulatory and policy studies and the use of digital technology.

“Civil servants involved in the reduction or closure of the counters can embark on reskilling as needed,” he said in a written interview today.

Mohd Zuki said through the digitalisation exercise, work processes could be implemented by civil servants online anywhere and anytime.

He said some of the processes could be carried out through the automation of the service delivery system which would also provide efficient and fast service to the people.

Meanwhile, Mohd Zuki said the government was aiming to achieve its 40 per cent target of end-to-end online services by year-end.

“This will enable the government to review the existing KPIs (key performance indicators) in order to achieve the goal of accelerating and facilitating the services provided to the people under the new normal of the post-COVID-19,” he said.

Mohd Zuki said the digitalisation of the government service delivery system is also one of the key initiatives under the National Economic Recovery Plan (PENJANA), aimed at encouraging the provision of more facilities, which will enable the public and the business community to deal with government agencies online.

“(For example), during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period, many business activities could not operate as usual due to the closure of government offices,” he said.


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