MELAKA, July 14 – China’s high demand for ‘raw clean edible bird’s nest’ (RC EBN), ‘raw unclean edible bird’s nest’ (RUC EBN) and bird’s nest products from Malaysia is expected to increase the export value to RM3 billion by year end from RM1.15 billion last year.

According to the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) director-general, Datuk Dr Norlizan Mohd Noor, Malaysia exported 5,654.7 metric tonnes of bird’s nest and products last year, which was a 345 per cent rise from 2018.

“Export value is expected to increase following approval from China for the import of RUC EBN from Malaysia which at the moment has been given to just one company from Melaka, MBN Enterprise Sdn Bhd.

“However, the government is waiting for a final report from Chinese authorities on approval for a few more companies, or RUC EBN processing plants, which is expected soon,” Dr Norlizan told reporters after a launching ceremony for a 1,010kg RUC EBN consignment to China by MBN Enterprise – the biggest so far for the company.

He said 34 RC EBN and one RUC EBN processing plants in Malaysia have received export approval from China, while 17 RC EBN and four RUC EBN processing plants are still waiting.

He said China has strict procedures and the Malaysian government continually helps producers with these procedures, including holding discussions with the Chinese authorities to ease requirements.

“We hope China recognises our ‘base system’, which means that bird’s nest processing plants with certification from the DVS and Ministry of Health are also acceptable to China,” said Norlizan, while listing myGAP (Malaysian Good Agricultural Practice), the Veterinary Health Mark (VHM) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as a few of them.

Malaysia is the second largest exporter of bird’s nest after Indonesia and since 2009, 11,583 bird’s nest farms under 7,929 producers have registered with the DVS.


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