PUTRAJAYA, July 16: The special Cabinet committee on Covid-19 has decided to allow foreign workers with permits to return to work once their sectors open up again.

Senior Minister for Security Ismail Sabri Yaakob said they must, however, first be screened for Covid-19.

Meanwhile, on a separate matter, Ismail said those running food premises must prepare gloves for customers if food was served in a buffet. Alternatively, he said they must hire servers for the customers.

He said some premises were serving food in a buffet without servers or disposable gloves for their customers. “This is against the SOPs,” he said at a press conference this afternoon.

Ismail also said 624 Malaysians arrived at KLIA and klia2 from Pakistan, Indonesia, Qatar, Singapore, Japan, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Denmark, India and China yesterday (July 13).

All were asked to quarantine themselves at their respective homes.

A total of 18,778 Malaysians have returned home so far, with 73 testing positive for Covid-19. Of this figure, about 18,705 were ordered to go for home quarantine.

Meanwhile, the government’s crackdown on illegal migrants continued with police carrying out 67 roadblocks and checking 39,183 vehicles. Ismail said one person was arrested for immigration offences.

Police also arrested 68 individuals for various offences under the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO), with 14 remanded and 54 fined. Of these, 28 were arrested for activities at pubs or nightclubs and 40 for participating in activities that made social distancing difficult.

Ismail said the government had opened up nearly all economic sectors and daily activities. He urged citizens to continue staying cautious and to self-regulate.


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