PUTRAJAYA, Sept 4 — Don’t create more divisiveness in the country as there is already enough divisiveness, says political veteran Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz on the proposed formation of a youth party.

She said there was enough divisiveness when suddenly, “everybody is saying, you are a woman or a man, Indian, Malay, Chinese, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or Hindu”.

“You know how it splits us? Already there’s a split, now it’s ‘you are old, you are young….’ Don’t we have enough divisiveness in this country?” she said in response to former Bersatu Youth chief Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman’s recent announcement that he would form a new party led by youths.

Asked if Syed Saddiq’s new youth party is a way forward, Rafidah when met by reporters after speaking at a ‘Leadership Dialogue: Where is Malaysia Heading’ at the second Malaysia Anti-Corruption Forum here today, said: “You shouldn’t start having more divisiveness, that’s all.”

Rafidah shared her experience as the youngest Senator at the age of 30 where she had her political learning process from the big names and experienced people in the party.

“No matter how long your list of degrees is, experience is more important. I got to gain experience from these people who built this country, not destroyed it,” she said. 


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