(ECNS) — “Don’t call it ‘Wuhan pneumonia, please'” — an article written by Consul Jiang Ying of the Chinese Cosulate General in Kuching, Malaysia — has gained wide support from many Chinese-language media outlets.

“A virus is a virus. It has nothing to do with nationality, race or politics. This disease is not only a pain for China, but also a tragedy for mankind,” it said.

Wuhan will get through this tough time and China will be strong again, it stressed. The article further calls on people to use “novel coronavirus pneumonia” instead of “Wuhan pneumonia”.

To prevent the virus from spreading, Wuhan, with 11 million residents, has completely isolated itself from the world. “Please don’t equate this beautiful city with a disease.”

The phrase “Wuhan pneumonia” might cause an unnecessary misunderstanding or panic, said Chen Chunfu, a veteran Malaysian journalist. It is the responsibility of the media to use accurate terms, he stressed.

Malaysia-China Insight corrected its mistake after WHO made its announcement, said Datuk Keith Li Zhongping, president of China Enterpreneurs Association in Malaysia.

“Wuhan residents have proven admirable in their fight against the novel coronavirus, and the Chinese government has been very effective in epidemic control. We hope our correction is a way to show our support to Wuhan,” Li said.

At present, people all over the world are fighting the virus rather than a city, said Wu Hengcan, head of the Chinese Language Standardization Council of Malaysia.

“We call on all Chinese-language media in Malaysia and the world to stop using ‘Wuhan pneumonia’,” Wu added.


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