KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 13 — A total of RM3.576 million in deposits was paid by the 447 candidates contesting the 73 seats in the Sabah State Election this time around. 

Under election laws, candidates contesting a state seat are required to put down a deposit of RM5,000 and pay another RM3,000 as a deposit for campaign materials. 

The deposits can be reclaimed once the results of the contest have been declared by the Returning Officer, but only if the candidate secures 1/8 of the total number of votes cast. 

The deposit for campaign materials, meanwhile, can only be reclaimed once the relevant local authority confirms that all materials have been removed. 

Apart from representatives of political parties, the state election this time will also see 56 independent candidates in the mix with 14 of them opting for the ‘key’ and ‘tree’ as their choice of logos. 

Among the independent candidates who will be using the tree symbol is Jimmy Palikat, the composer and singer of popular number ‘Anak Kampung’, who will be contesting in Tambunan, Datuk Saddi Abdul Rahman (Sukau) and Juhuran Kalmin (Sebatik).

As for the key symbol, those who opted for it include Kenny Chua who is contesting in Inanam; Rasidan Abd Latiff (Bugaya) and Masiung Banah (Kuamut).

Other choices include the chair symbol, book, clock, fish, tractor, elephant, mangosteen, boat, horse, telephone and pen.

According to the Election Commission (EC) official website, there is a selection of up to 30 logos that can be used by independent candidates. 

The Bengkoka seat has the most number of independent candidates with four followed by three each in Inanam, Api-Api and Matunggong. 

A total of 447 candidates qualified to contest for the 73 state seats after nominations closed at 10 am yesterday. 


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