KOTA KINABALU, Sept 15 — Voters in Sabah have urged politicians to stop the practice of switching parties after being elected by the people, saying it betrays the people’s trust and causes problems.

Several voters interviewed by Bernama have expressed their disappointment over party-hopping, as the people prepare to go to the polls on Sept 26.

A voter in the Api-Api constituency, Gil Tupang, 63, said defection was the act of small-minded leaders.

“I have lost interest to vote. I know this (not voting) is wrong, but I am disappointed by their actions which seem to treat our votes as worthless.

“I feel disheartened because we voted them on the promises they made but after winning, they decided to leave (their party),” he said.

According to him, party-hopping is an act that lacks integrity and a blatant disregard for the fate of the people.

Husin Wahab, 65, from Kudat, said defecting after being elected by the people is a selfish act which caused problems to the people of Sabah.

“I really do not like these party-hoppers. Their actions disrupt political stability and cause problems to the people. The worst part is, it upsets the economy,” he said, adding that because of these “political frogs” many voters have lost interest to go to the polls.

Rajali Hamzah Asmat, 40, wants the practice of party-hopping to be abolished, especially after this state election.

He urged the winning parties in this state election to serve with honesty and for the good of the Sabah people.

A trader at Gaya Street market here, Zulkifli Ab Rauf, 39, also has a dim view of party-hopping.

“They give us hope, make promises, but in the end, nothing. So disappointing,” he said.

Another voter, Lee Yuit, 63, said a candidate and the party he represents should be like one big, close family and should stay together, win or lose.


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