PETALING JAYA,Sept 21: Former tourism, arts and culture minister Mohamaddin Ketapi claims Warisan’s opponents will resort to getting people to fake contracting Covid-19 as part of their ploy to keep voters away from the state election on Saturday.

Mohamaddin, who is the Lahad Datu MP, is the Warisan candidate for Segama, one of the 13 new state seats in Sabah.

During a speech at the campaign trail yesterday, Mohamaddin said the tactics expected to be used by Warisan’s opponents included paying people to “faint’ at the polling stations after supposedly contracting Covid-19.

“Supposedly on election day, they will ask people to faint because they have Covid-19,” said Mohamaddin in a video posted on his Facebook page.

“The ambulance will come to take them away and people will run because they are afraid.

“The next thing you know is they paid people to fake it.

“Our Malay people are not so afraid, but the Chinese are. Many of them (Chinese) support us, nearly all of them. They are sensitive (and) if you say there are people fainting because of Covid-19, many will run away.

“It’s not Covid-19, it’s their act. Their drama.”


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