KUCHING: A single mother is frustrated after failing to receive the RM250 monthly cash aid under the Sarawakku Sayang Special Assistance (BKSS) for the past three months.

The 49-year-old woman said the money was deposited in her account for April, May and June and it helped to ease some of her burden.

“I didn’t have a proper job and lost my income during the movement control order (MCO), so the money that comes is timely,” said Jamilah (not her real name).

“But I have no idea why the cash aid has not been credited since July. I also don’t know where to follow up or ask for an explanation,” she told FMT.

“I feel dissatisfied as no reason has been given as I thought it was supposed to be a six-month cash aid. Why (was it) stopped halfway?

“If I am not qualified for the aid, why would I receive the money in the first place?” she asked.

A 71-year-old woman also faces the same problem, having only received money for three months.

“I thought I would have extra money each month until September to pay my utility bills. But the (state) government failed to fulfil its promise. I am disappointed,” she said.

Meanwhile, a contract medical officer (MO) at the Sarawak General Hospital also claimed that he had not received the RM300 allowance for Covid-19 frontliners under the BKSS since June.

“We are supposed to receive RM300 per month for six months starting from March this year, but I have not received it since June,” said the MO who declined to be named.

“I am not sure if other MOs are facing the same issue as delay in payment is quite common to us,” he said, adding, however, that the RM600 special allowance from the federal government was paid on time.

Sarawak Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family and Childhood Development Minister Fatimah Abdullah could not be reached for comment.

In March, the Sarawak government introduced BKSS to ease the burden of the people who were affected by the Covid-19 and movement control order. The scheme includes a RM250 monthly cash payout for those falling under the B40 group.

The list of aid recipients is based on the list of Bantuan Sara Hidup recipients approved by the Inland Revenue Board and the money was to be deposited in their bank accounts on the 15th of each month, from April to September.

Under the BKSS, MOs working as frontliners in the battle against the spread of Covid-19, were also promised a RM300 monthly allowance for six months by the state.


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