PUTRAJAYA,Nov 11: Former PPBM leader Maszlee Malik says he will remain an independent MP but work with Pakatan Harapan on education issues through his new NGO.

“I have a formidable, convincing and strong number of people who want to contribute to education,” said the former education minister.

“I’m afraid for our children’s future if we don’t take steps to save education now.

“So, my status now is I’m still an independent MP, but in Parliament, I’m with the opposition and we work closely with PH,” the Simpang Renggam MP said.

There was speculation that Maszlee would join PKR after quitting Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s new party Pejuang on Nov 2, with an aide to the former prime minister saying Maszlee had allegedly signed a statutory declaration (SD) throwing his support for Anwar Ibrahim as prime minister.

“I think the people have grown sick of all this politicking,” Maszlee told FMT, when asked if he had signed the SD. “Right now, I just want to focus on education.”

The newly launched NGO, Untuk Malaysia, aims to serve as a platform to bring together various stakeholders to solve the most pressing issues in education.

These issues include income inequality, students’ motivation levels after months of missing school due to Covid-19, and infrastructure upgrades.

Maszlee, who serves as the NGO’s adviser, said Untuk Malaysia has already received the backing of educationists, civil society organisations and the private sector.

“We also plan to talk to the education ministry to see how we can work together,” he said.


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