SHAH ALAM, Nov 24 — Selangor is in the final stages of developing an environment-friendly and high-tech method to address the issue of river pollution in the state.

Infrastructure and Public Facilities, Modernisation of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Committee chairman Izham Hashim said the technology is being developed in collaboration with a private company and a local water expert.

“With this technology, our experts have identified microorganisms that live in the river. Through a certain process, we will increase the number of microorganisms so that they will act as a filter to the contaminated materials and increase the amount of oxygen in the water while cleaning the river water.

“We are now waiting for the final laboratory report and if it succeeds, we will use this technology in treating river water in Selangor. It will directly reduce the cost of treating water for consumers,” he said when appearing as a guest on a talk show entitled ‘Pencemaran Air: Siapa Buat Onar’ broadcast live on Media Selangor Facebook page yesterday.

At the same time, Izham said, the state government is also facing a big challenge in addressing the issue of river pollution due to the large number of industries and factories near the two main river basins in Selangor, namely the Sungai Selangor and Sungai Langat.


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