Nov 27 CGTN news — China’s first nuclear facility using Hualong One technology – a domestically developed third-generation reactor design – was successfully connected to the grid in southeast China’s Fujian Province early Friday morning. 

On connection, the No. 5 unit of the Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant of the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) started to generate electricity at 00:41 BJT. 

All its technical indicators have met the designed standards and the power unit is running well, laying a solid foundation for its subsequent commercial operation, said Zhao Hao, general manager of Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant. 

The landmark achievement signals a great improvement in the competitiveness of China’s nuclear power industry, which is of great significance for the country’s energy restructuring plan and pursuit of low-carbon development, according to Zhao.  

The unit will undergo various tests, including on full-power continuous operation, before starting commercial operations later this year. 

About Hualong One

China’s homegrown Hualong one is one of the world’s most advanced nuclear power reactor designs.

The technology has more than 700 patents and 120 software copyrights, and all of its 411 core parts are designed and made domestically, according to CNNC.

Its designed lifespan is 60 years. It has 177 reactor cores, which will be replaced every 18 months.

With both active and passive safety features and a double-layer safety shell, it meets the highest international safety standards for nuclear power plants.

The No. 5 unit of Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant is the world’s first pilot project using Hualong One design.  

The construction of the unit that started in May 2015 has had nearly 10,000 technicians and workers involved. 

So far, six Hualong One reactor units are under construction in China and other parts of the world and all are in good condition, the CNNC said. 


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