I congratulate Persatuan Usahawan China di Malaysia (PUCM) or China Entrepreneurs Association in Malaysia on 5 fruitful years of existence and on the 3rd anniversary of its official magazine — Malaysia-China Entrepreneurs and its official media – Malaysia-China Insight English Newspaper and trilingual news apps. I am confident PUCM’s initiatives will enhance good relations between Malaysian and China entrepreneurs in Malaysia. 

I understand that PUCM has been actively promoting Chinese companies and communicating with the local community through such creative methods as holding trade exhibition, shooting Chinese New Year and Hari Raya video clips, holding seminars and forums, interacting with the Bumiputera community and holding charity events. PUCM also interacts regularly with local and international medias.

PUCM also set up Pahang Chapter and AI chapter to strengthening closer ties with Malaysian societies through various regions and business sectors.

PUCM held Malaysia’s 1st China Smart Technology Trade Exhibition ( SCITE) on 14th to 15th December 2019 in Mid Valley Exhibition Center Kuala Lumpur  companies and presented AI and Smart technology products from China , such as smart city concept , various Robot applications ,  drone presentations and other smart products.

The members of PUCM have been contributing to economic growth of the nation through various industries including information technology, construction, mining, oil and gas, telecommunications, solar energy, retailing, manufacturing, tourism, and F&B .

I am happy to see that PUCM is going to publish a 5th anniversary special Edition to record the important moments and events of the association and its members. 

I sincerely hope that this publication could be very helpful to spread positive energy and further enhance  bilateral relations between two nations.

I would like to wish all the members of PUCM a happy 5th anniversary and a great success in their future endeavors.

  Dato’ Saifuddin bin Abdullah

Minister of Communications and Multimedia (Malaysia)


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