PETALING JAYA,Dec 30: Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad should make way for younger political figures during the next general election, said Pejuang pro tem president Mukhriz Mahathir.

“I feel it’s time for a new generation (to come forward) during GE15,” he said in an Astro Awani talk show last night.

“I feel he was ideal for GE14 as we (Pakatan Harapan) faced a giant party in Barisan Nasional… a kleptocratic government which had unlimited funds … but even then, we could win because we joined with other parties, put aside our differences, compromised and focused on a direction that was inclusive and united.”

The former Kedah menteri besar said this when asked about the possibility of his father contesting in the next elections.

In September, Mahathir said he would not be contesting GE15 but changed his mind less than two weeks later, saying his stand did not go down well with his supporters.

The two-tine prime minister formed a new political party, Pejuang, in August. The party’s registration is still pending approval by the Registrar of Societies (RoS).

Pejuang is not aligned to any party, and when asked whether Anwar Ibrahim’s candidacy as prime minister would prevent Pejuang from entering a grand coalition with PKR, Mukhriz reiterated his stand that fresh faces should come to the fore.

“For me, I feel it’s already time to see new leaders,” he said.

“If not, with the same names being mentioned, I’m not sure the public will support them, especially the young voters who will vote in GE15.

“It’s time for us to change the current political paradigm, polemic. We can see a lot of good examples in other countries, where unfamiliar faces surfaced and caused a wave.”

Pejuang pro-tem deputy president Marzuki Yahya brought up the idea of an opposition grand coalition earlier this month, calling MPs in the federal opposition to unite in toppling the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government.


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