Beijing, Jan 5–Beijing on Monday announced it would quarantine international arrivals in the closed-loop management mode if they enter China in less than 21 days from other domestic ports, a move seen as an upgraded measure from the previous 14 days in closed-loop management, to curb the spread of imported COVID-19 cases.

Beijing should strictly implement measures for international arrivals and strengthen anti-epidemic control at airports including passengers, freight, ground service workers and crew members. Those entering Beijing from other domestic ports and staying in China in less than 21 days should be quarantined to prevent imported cases, Xu Hejian, a spokesperson from the Beijing municipal government, said on Monday’s press conference. 

Xu added that Beijing will build an upgraded version of the Health Kit, integrating information such as nucleic acid testing and vaccination, so as to make it easier for residents to use.

As of 2pm Monday, 2,320 close contacts of COVID-19 patients have been identified in the Shunyi district in the capital’s latest outbreak and sent to quarantine hotels, district officials said at the press conference. 

Some 423,800 people have received testing in key communities and villages, with 415,000 so far testing negative. A fourth round of nucleic acid testing will be conducted in the areas which will see 14-day sealed management expire, they said.

An official from the transport department said drivers could refuse to carry passengers if they refuse to wear masks and the department has suspended the bus lines to medium and high-risk areas. Buses passing through middle and high-risk areas are prohibited from stopping and dropping off passengers there. 

Three cases of spreading rumors, infringing upon personal privacy and rejecting anti-epidemic measures were also reported at the conference. The suspects were punished. 


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