CHUKAI, Jan 9 — Flood victims in Kampung Batu 10, Pasir Gajah, here, not only need to replace damaged household items but some of them have to build a whole new life.

Most of them are still in disbelief looking at the destruction that occurred. Many initially thought of moving to another location, but had to cancel the plan due to financial constraints.

Roziah Shamsudin, 40, when met at her home, said all her household items were destroyed due to flood water rising to the roof level of her house.

She said that the flood that hit this time was quite alarming. She and her husband Zaharudin Mohammad, 47, and their five children had to move at 7 am on Tuesday by boat.

“This evening, after the water receded to waist level, my family and I went home for a while to see the condition of the house … I was shocked as I opened the door, I saw all the household items were floating.

“I accept this as a test, and we will repair the damaged parts of the house as well as buy household items and equipment little by little, whenever we can afford it,” she said.

Roziah said that since settling in the village four years ago, the floods this time were the worst, in fact she was the first person to evacuate to the temporary relief centre (PPS) Pasir Gajah.

She said that usually during the flood season the water will recede within two to three days, but based on the weather and rain conditions that are still occurring, she expects that they will have to stay longer in the PPS.

“Thankfully, that early Tuesday morning, my husband and I managed to save the children, important documents and 10 goats by boat, to be taken to safety,” she said.

Meanwhile, a trader Zahaida Mohammad, 44, said that she suffered almost RM3,000 in losses when her food stall was submerged, while many appliances were damaged and washed away by the current.

“I’m just waiting for the water to recede a bit and will board a fibre boat to try to find those missing items.

“Usually equipment such as chairs and tables will be able to be cleaned and reused again. I really hope they weren’t washed away too far. Hopefully they are stuck in a location within 300 to 500 metres from this village,” she said.


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