Beijing, Jan 26–A Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said on Monday cooperation has been the main feature of China-U.S. relations and should continue to be so in the future, adding China hopes the new U.S. government can work with China to foster a favorable atmosphere for the sound development of bilateral economic and trade cooperation.

According to media reports, Greg Gilligan, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China (AmCham China), said China and the United States can and should cooperate with each other and their harmonious coexistence can bring global benefits, adding 70 percent of the nearly 1,000 U.S.-funded enterprises under AmCham China surveyed have no plans to move out of the Chinese market.

In response to a related query, foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said members of the U.S. business sector have on multiple occasions given clear signals about their optimistic attitude toward China’s economic prospects, expressing their readiness to continue setting roots in China and their opposition to “decoupling” of the two economies.

“The remarks by Gilligan once again prove that China-U.S. economic and trade ties are in essence mutually beneficial, and there are wide-ranging common interests and huge room for cooperation,” he told a daily press briefing.

Noting that China will as always continue to forge a market-oriented, law-based and international business environment, Zhao said China welcomes the U.S. business community to invest and develop businesses in China and supports enterprises of the two countries to enhance cooperation for mutual benefits.

“We hope the new U.S. government can bear in mind the fundamental interests of the people from both sides and the common welfare of the international community, uphold the principles of openness, inclusiveness and cooperation for mutual benefit, focus on cooperation while managing differences, and work with China in bringing bilateral ties back to the right track, so as to foster a favorable atmosphere for the sound development of bilateral economic and trade cooperation and advance the welfare of the people of both countries,” Zhao added.


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