JOHOR BAHRU, Feb 7 — A company selling prayer items, food and Chinese New Year decorations, in Johor Jaya, here, has taken the initiative to provide drive-through services to make it easier for customers to make purchases.

Its manager Belle Tor, 31, said the initiative aims to ensure that customers, especially the elderly, feel confident and safe while dealing with them during the COVID-19 pandemic. They don’t have to go into the shop to purchase what they want.

She said, customers only need to place their orders through the Whatsapp and WeChat applications before making a call and drive-thru to pick up the items.

According to her, the average customer welcomes the initiative as it can make it easier for customers to make purchases as well as minimise close interactions and avoid congestion in the shop.

“Most customers are senior citizens, if young people it is easier for them to come here and they know how to scan the MySejatera QR code.

“Most senior citizens find it quite difficult to walk and they do not understand how to scan the premises MySejahtera QR Code. So this initiative can make it easier for them, their children can also help them to place the orders and collect the goods by driving-thru,” she told Bernama when met, here, today.

Tor said this would prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections among customers.

“I am afraid that if a case occurs, it will be troublesome for both parties, so with this initiative, children do not have to be afraid if their parents go to the store to buy goods because now they can place orders and collect the goods by driving-thru,” she said.

At the same time, she admitted that it was a dismal Chinese New Year this year because there was a decline in customers, especially from Singapore, more so at the Johor Jaya area which is usually lively with festive sales every year.

“Business is slow, practically 50 to 70 per cent less than last year, because usually every year there are festival sales here.

“There are still many customers in Singapore, the local community is spending less because they have to save money during COVID-19,” said Tor, who runs her 22-year-old family business.

Meanwhile, Pusat Sutera Mall manager Farrer Tan when contacted said that they were marketing Chinese New Year accessories as usual this year, and at the same time customers can also make purchases through their Facebook page.

“We have created a live broadcast on Facebook, besides we also provide a service to deliver goods directly to customers’ homes,” he said.

She said this year Sutera Mall had 21 exhibition booths in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration which consisted of stalls selling biscuits, smoked meats, mandarin oranges, flowers and decorative items.

According to her, the number of stalls this year has decreased compared to 40 stalls last year because of the need to comply with the standard operating procedure (SOP) to maintain the physical distancing.


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