KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 9 — Cabinet Ministers returning from official trips abroad are now exempted from the 10-day observation or home surveillance period. 

This was stated in the latest federal government gazette under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Disease (Exemption) Order 2021 published on the Attorney-General’s Chambers website yesterday.

“Subject to paragraph 3, the Minister exempts Cabinet Ministers who return from any official visits abroad from the application of Section 15 of the Act.

“Cabinet Ministers who return from any official visit abroad must undergo observation for three days or undergo surveillance until discharged without endangering the public,” it stated. 

Signed by Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba, the order takes effect from today (Feb 9) until Aug 1. 

Section 15 of Act 342 pertains to observation or surveillance of contacts and that an authorised officer may order any contact to undergo observation in such place and for such period as he may think fit, or to undergo surveillance until he may be discharged without danger to the public.

The government had before this shortened the mandatory quarantine period in Malaysia for travellers returning from abroad and close contacts of those who test positive for COVID-19 from 14 to 10 days.


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