KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 15– The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has advised Internet users to always to always exercise caution when providing their personal information when using social media and online applications, especially dating platforms.

MCMC Communications and Corporate Department in a statement today said the Internet has opened up opportunities for wider communication including immoral activities such as wild parties, illicit relationships and and providing online prostitution services.

It said, such cases will be investigated by the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) under the Penal code.

“MCMC is concerned about the recent marketing gimmick by dating site Sugarbook which claimed that many Malaysian women, especially university students have offered themselves as ‘Sugar Baby’ on the application.

“Such claims should be investigated because the user profiles could be manipulated to deceive victims,” said the statement.

The media recently reported that Malaysia had the third highest number of sugar daddies in Asia behind India and Indonesia in the Sugarbook application, a sugar daddy-sugar baby dating platform.

The MCMC also said that apart from Sugarbook, there are other applications that provide online dating services.

“Users should be aware that they are exposed to cyberattack risks if they do not take necessary cyber security and self-control measures.

“The risk of love scams will increase if they are exposed to malware and spyware as well as personal data leakage and sexual harassment,” it added.

The MCMC said it would continue to monitor and investigate the Sugarbook application and would take necessary action against the users and platform owners should there be any violation of the law.

It said that PDRM would take further action if there are elements of prostitution involved.

Parents and guardians are also advised to always monitor their children’s Internet activities as well as observe their lifestyle changes that may arouse suspicion.


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