KUALA LUMPUR, April 13 — The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently held a special global promotion for Hubei Province in central China. 

The Wudang Mountains, the holy place of Taoism, once again made a stunning appearance in front of the world.

In the meantime, the first ‘2021 Wudang Mountains Intangible Cultural Heritage Temple Fair’ is underway in Yuxu Street, according to the Wudang Mountains Tourism Special Economic Zone Working Committee in a statement.

Lasting until May 6, the fair presents powerful martial arts performances, graceful folk dances and dazzling Han Chinese costume show.

People in the city of Shiyan invite tourists from home and abroad to visit the Wudang Mountains, joining the temple fairs, enjoying the beautiful scenery and practising martial arts.

The natural landscape of the Wudang Mountains is so magnificent until it is known as ‘the most beautiful mountain in the world’.

The Wudang Mountains has the most complete and largest existing Taoist architectural complex in China. 

These buildings make full use of the terrain characteristics, and build the palaces among the peaks, mountains, slopes, rocks and streams, reflecting the fine tradition of ‘harmonious coexistence of man and nature’ in Chinese architectural art.

It also shows the idea of ‘Tao following nature and the unity of man and nature’ in traditional Chinese culture. 

The Wudang Mountains is thus known as ‘the museum of ancient Chinese architectural achievements’ and ‘the Forbidden City hanging on cliffs’.


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