KUALA LUMPUR, April 15 — Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) has advised owners of premises to change the name of the account owner (registered user) to the tenant’s name through the Change of Tenancy process so that tenants will be fully responsible for the electricity bills.

TNB said that this way, owners of premises can avoid incurring arrears of electricity bills left by tenants. With the application to change the name, tenants of the premises will need to sign a new contract with TNB.

“The name change can be done through the myTNB portal (www.mytnb.com.my) or by visiting the nearest Kedai Tenaga. The steps and supporting documents required to apply for a change of name can be obtained on the myTNB portal,” TNB said in a statement.

It also stated that if the tenant had stopped renting the premises, the owner can change the name of the account holder to a new tenant or revert to the owner’s name.

Even when there is a change of registered username from the owner of the premises to the tenant, any application to disconnect electricity supply for the purpose of terminating the account with TNB will only be accepted from registered users, according to the statement.

TNB also provides services via the myTNB portal and applications so that owners of the premises can easily monitor the usage and payment patterns of their tenants’ monthly bills.

Users can contact TNB CareLine at 1300-88-5454, or email to tnbcareline@tnb.com.my or via TNB CareLine’s Facebook for any queries regarding TNB services.


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