KUALA LUMPUR, April 21  — Armed with determination to help ease the burden of the national zoo, Waterco (Far East) Sdn Bhd is committed to providing a clean and safe water environment at a sustainable cost for Zoo Negara.

Fully aware of the situation faced by Zoo Negara, Waterco reached out to begin planning ways they could provide sustainable solutions to improve the water condition starting with the Malayan Tiger’s enclosure.

Regional Business Development Manager of Waterco, Koo Zao Cheong said, Waterco is looking to kickstart the Zoo Negara Water Environment project with the Malayan Tiger enclosure not only because of the urgent help required to their living environment but also because it is Malaysia’s national animal.

“As we want to take a green-step forward that will not add to the cost of Zoo Negara’s maintenance, we have chosen a type of product which will not only yield the intended results but also energy saving, which hopefully will lessen their burden when it comes to maintenance,” he said in a statement. 

He said, the process of filtration installation and deep-cleaning of the water in the Malayan Tiger enclosure may take approximately three months or more and constant monitoring have to be done to ensure the effectiveness of the filtration system.

He added, with the start of this project, Waterco hopes to be able to help out the other animal enclosures depending on which enclosure needs urgent help or takes a longer time to fix.

“While we try to be as fast as possible with what we are doing, we know that we cannot be hasty in our work for we don’t want to make it worse for the animals and even for the caretakers,” he said.

For further information on Waterco and its initiatives, visit https://www.waterco.com.my/ or https://www.facebook.com/watercomalaysia.


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