KOTA BHARU, 30 April  — Kelantan state assembly speaker, Datuk Abdullah Ya’kub, said that the Melor state seat would be declared vacant once he received Dr Md Yusnan Yusof’s death certificate from the state National Registration Department (NRD).

He said that thus far he had yet to obtain the death certificate from the department.

As soon as the certificate is safely obtained, then it will be notified to the Election Commission (EC), he said.

“I will contact the EC about the death of Melor assemblyman, Dr Md Yusnan Yusof, and I will declare the Melor state seat is vacant,” he said when contacted today.

Md Yusnan died of heart attack at his home in Melor at 2.28 this morning. He leaves behind wife Romaini Mat Daud, 52, and six children.

Md Yusnan won the Melor state seat for two consecutive terms, namely the 13th and 14th General Elections.

Meanwhile, his family denied claims that that Md Yusnan died after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine shot.

His second son, Mohammad Baihaqi, 28, expressed his regrets at claims linking the cause of his father’s death to vaccination.

“We deny the news that Baba died after taking the COVID-19 vaccine shot because he had been suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes for a long time.

“There are those who wrote on social media linking his death to the injection. Indeed, Baba took the injection but the last one was on April 9,” he told reporters after the funeral at the Pondok Haji Hasan Muslim Cemetery, Ketereh today.


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