JOHOR BAHRU, May 2 — The dangerous attitude of taking the standard operating procedures (SOPs) lightly and behaving as though the COVID-19 pandemic is already over will only burden the country’s healthcare facilities, said Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar.

In expressing his concern about the critical COVID-19 situation, the Sultan of Johor said the number of cases showed no sign of decreasing and several states, including Johor, have now become high-risk states.

“Everytime when it seems like we have turned a corner for the better against COVID-19, the number of cases spikes again. A sense of hopelessness and recklessness has begun to set it.

“The rakyat must not ignore the SOPs even when they have been vaccinated against the virus. Please remember to take care of yourself and each other. As well-managed as our healthcare system may be, everything has a limit and breaching it will have unthinkable consequences.”

Sultan Ibrahim said this in a statement uploaded to his official Facebook page, today.

The Johor Ruler also hoped that enforcement agencies would take more stern and just actions against those who violated the stipulated SOPs.

“We cannot allow the situation to get out of control, like the dire situation in India now.

“It is my hope that the state government will also make wise decisions and act in the best interest of the rakyat. I also urge all Johoreans to register their turn for vaccinations. Trust our medical experts and don’t believe in rumours,” he said.

As the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim said he was deeply concerned about the wellbeing and safety of the people in the state and wished that he would not hear more sad news of families grieving for lost ones.

“If a strict movement control order is indeed necessary to save lives, let it be the last one and ensure that everyone does their part to make it work.

“Sacrifices must be made for the greater good of all. It is better to be safe than to be sorry,” he said.


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