KUALA LUMPUR, May 24 — Sabah recorded an increase in the number of flood evacuees this evening, while the situation in Sarawak is improving with the number of people housed at relief centres (PPS) on the decline.

The number of flood victims evacuated to 41 PPS in Sabah went up to 6,156 people as of 4 pm today compared to 4,999 people this morning.

In a statement today, the State Disaster Management Committee secretariat said all victims in the Tenom and Beaufort districts (in Sabah) are still being housed in 41 PPS which were activated in stages since last Thursday.

“Tenom recorded an increase in the number of flood victims to 5,553 people involving 1,478 families this evening compared to 4,396 people from 1,269 families this morning. All the flood victims are being housed at 37 PPS in the district.

“In Beaufort, there are a total of 603 victims housed in four PPS,” according to the statement.

The PPS with the highest number of evacuees in Tenom is Dewan Sri Ontoros with 501 victims while in Beaufort, Dewan DSP Mohd Dun Banir houses the most flood victims with 231 people.

The statement also said that 75 villages were affected by the floods in Beaufort while 47 villages were affected in Tenom.

Meanwhile, in Sarawak, the number of flood victims still being housed at the PPS in Limbang decreased to 127 people from 36 families this evening compared to 145 people from 42 families this morning.

According to a report by the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee secretariat as of 4 pm today, 43 people from 14 families are still being housed at the PPS Dewan Kampung Bidang while 28 people from seven other families are at the PPS Dewan Masyarakat Buloh Baloi.

Another 25 people from seven families are taking shelter at the PPS Dewan Kampung Ukong, 21 people from five families at PPS Dewan SK Menuang and 10 from three families at PPS Dewan Masyarakat Medamit.

The report also said that the water level at the Limbang Hydro Station in Nanga Insungai was still at the normal level.


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