KUALA LUMPUR, July 8  — The expected infectivity rate (Rt) of COVID-19 based on daily cases for the whole country today is 1.09 with Putrajaya recording the highest Rt value at 1.28.

According to data shared by Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah in a tweet tonight most states are expected to record Rt exceeding 1.0 while four states recorded Rt below one.

“States expected to record Rt above 1.0 are Perak (Rt 1.18), Kuala Lumpur (Rt 1.16), Selangor (Rt 1.14), Pahang (Rt 1.10), Kedah ( Rt 1.08), Sabah and Penang (Rt 1.07), Melaka (Rt 1.06), Terengganu (Rt 1.04) as well as Negeri Sembilan (Rt 1.02).

“States expected to record Rt below one are Johor (Rt 0.96), Kelantan (Rt 0.90), Labuan and Sarawak, Rt 0.86,“ he said. 

The value of Rt refers to the level of infectivity of COVID-19 that is the number cases which can be infected by one positive case.


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