KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 17  — All gymnasiums, with the exception of those in states that are still under Phase One of the National Recovery Plan (PPN), are allowed to resume operations, but the facilities are only open to fully vaccinated individuals.

The information was included in an update of the standard operating procedures (SOP) issued by the National Security Council (MKN) which was uploaded on MKN official telegram.

Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu in sharing the news on Twitter reminded all parties to adhere to the standard operating procedures (SOP) set.

“Gyms are now open for business. Please follow the SOPs, especially the ventilation guidelines. Enjoy healthy living!” he said in an MKN infographic sharing which was updated on Friday.

According to the SOP, all indoor sports and recreation facilities are allowed to operate during Phase Two and Three of the PPN at 50 per cent capacity and under close supervision.

Workers attendance should not be more than 60 per cent of the workforce, to include management and operational staff for Phase Two, and 80 per cent for Phase Three.

Only individuals who are fully vaccinated are allowed to use the facilities and they are permitted to bring along their children aged 17 years and below for such activities with strict SOP compliance.

However, the opening of  all public outdoor and indoor sports and recreation facilities is subject to the approval of the local authorities (PBT) or the relevant authorities.

Meanwhile, under the Phase Four of the PPN,  all commercial sports and recreational facilities are allowed to operate at 100 per cent capacity in terms of customers and staff attendance.

Operating hours are subject to licence conditions, while the operation of public sports and recreation facilities in Phase Four is also subject to the approval of local authorities and the relevant authorities.

As for areas under Phase One of the PPN, all indoor sports and recreational facilities, except gyms and fitness centres, are allowed to operate at 50 per cent capacity under close supervision.

Workers attendance must not exceed 60 per cent of the total management and operational staff.


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