KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 29 — The implementation of the rotation system for schools by splitting classes into two groups when schools reopen under the National Recovery Plan (PPN) on Oct 3 will not add to the teaching duties of teachers.

Senior Education Minister Datuk Radzi Jidin said this was because teachers only need to teach the same syllabus to two separate groups of students.

“The implementation of the rotation system involves one class being divided into two groups. The first week, group A will go to school for face-to-face learning with teachers. The next week, this group will study at home and what they need to do is carry out assignments like activities, text books, including studying via YouTube, as provided by teachers.

“This system will not add to teachers’ duties as teachers will already have made their teaching preparation and plans, they only need to share this with the students for preparations at home and when the students go back to school, teachers will look at which topic their students failed to understand and help them with that,” he said on the programme titled “Inclusive: Schools Operating Safely and Conducively” that was aired by Radio Televisyen Malaysia tonight.

He explained that group B would then go to school the following week for their face-to-face learning.

Radzi said that to ensure the framework issued by the ministry would be implemented well, the communication networks at ministerial level and also those below would be put to good use.

“Parents themselves requested for engagement sessions with schools so that too could understand what the ministry was doing.

“Yesterday, we also met with the education director and reiterated our orders that students who do not come to school would not be issued warning letters,” he added.


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