TANJONG KARANG, Oct 1 — More than 190,000 entrepreneurs and cooperatives financed by the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDAC) that are affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic are being targeted to register with the Social Security Organisation (Socso) as contributors.

Its minister, Tan Sri Noh Omar, said MEDAC would work with the Human Resources Ministry agency in the near future to ensure that entrepreneurs and cooperatives that received financing from MEDAC agencies were protected by Socso.

The Member of Parliament for Tanjong Karang said the pilot project would kick off in Tanjong Karang, where more than 300 MEDAC entrepreneurs were expected to be registered and contribute under Socso.

“Through this partnership, we will make the request to our (existing) borrowers, especially those from the B40 group.

“Maybe for the memorandum of understanding (with the Human Resources Ministry) later, MEDAC would propose that those who get loans should immediately contribute to Socso. We won’t make it compulsory to the borrowers but will campaign to educate them on the benefits (especially those who are self-employed),” he told reporters after a ceremony to celebrate Socso’s 50th anniversary at the Tanjong Karang office today.


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