KUCHING, Nov 14 — The selection of rescue contractors to complete ‘sick’ projects that are late or fail to be completed on schedule, is done through a strict vetting process by the Works Ministry.

Senior Works Minister Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof said this was to ensure that only contractors with a good track record were selected to complete these projects.

He stressed that among aspects included in the vetting process are financial strength, experience, and technical capabilities as well as the assets of the company.

“They must have a good track record. It is faster for us to restore the project compared with following the normal process to reopen tenders and so on, which takes a long time,” he told reporters after attending a programme here today.

Fadillah explained that currently the hiring of rescue contractors is implemented through an open application.

“We hire them by open application and from there we do the vetting process.

“There are many who apply to be the rescue contractors, but only a few get it (due to strict vetting),” he said.

Yesterday, Fadillah said that a total of 15 infrastructure projects under the Works Ministry in Sabah and Sarawak have been classified as ‘sick’ projects with delayed or failure to complete construction.

He said new contractors to complete construction have been or will be appointed by his ministry to finish all affected projects.


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