KUALA LUMPUR, May 15 — A teacher’s career should not only focus on imparting knowledge, but should push teachers to become important icons to instil excellence in students, Senior Education Minister Datuk Dr Radzi Jidin said.

He said their roles as educators were important in efforts to raise a generation that is not only knowledgable, but possessing high personal values ​​and skills that could, in turn, contribute to the country’s prosperity.

“This can be achieved through inspiring, appreciating and cultivating good values, skills and positive attitudes that occur naturally in school,” he said in his 51st National Teachers’ Day Celebration Message 2022 today.

Teacher’s Day falls on May 16 every year.

Radzi expressed his hopes that educators will continue to further efforts to shape the personalities of students from various social-economic backgrounds in line with this year’s Teacher’s Day theme, ‘Guru Tunjang Sekolah SEJAHTERA’.

He said there were 14 elements in the Sekolahku SEJAHTERA concept, safety, fun, health, ethics, empathy, identity, manners, harmony, diligence, thoroughness, skills, exploration, rationality and articulation, which teachers could instil both directly and indirectly through various activities in and outside of school.

This year’s Teacher’s Day theme, according to Radzi, is very appropriate to appreciate the role of teachers as an important pillar in the education ecosystem and vital to the success of the national education development agenda.

“I take this opportunity to express my deepest appreciation and thanks to the almost 500,000 teachers nationwide for all their sacrifice, sweat, commitment, and dedication in educating and shaping the next generation of high-quality Malaysians.

“Finally, may teachers and educators continue to be united and determined in upholding the teaching profession for the sake of the education of the country’s next generation. Come, carry out this trust with honesty, sincerity and integrity,” he added.


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