KUALA LUMPUR, June 15 — The Cabinet today agreed to the implementation of three additional interventions to tackle the country’s food supply issues to boost domestic food production, said Agriculture and Food Industries (MAFI) Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ronald Kiandee.

The interventions, said the minister, are the Malaysian Family Community Garden Programme, Fresh Frozen Fish or Q-Fish Stockpile Programme as well as additional abattoirs and processing plants overseas.

“Some 1,350 recipients comprising community members, entrepreneurs and cooperatives, involved in the production chain of the community garden, are expected to benefit from an RM30 million allocation for the 2022 community garden programme.

“The Q-FISH programme to cover fish supply shortage during the rainy and monsoon season, involves a stockpile of 1,000 metric tons with an allocation of RM7 million.

He said for the programme, 135 fishermen’s markets and 103 Malaysian Fisheries Development Authority (LKIM) outlets will be utilised as marketing channels with storage facilities to be established in 222 parliamentary constituencies, involving an allocation of RM2.7 million.

According to Ronald, the additional abattoirs and overseas processing plants were aimed at increasing and diversifying the import sources of poultry and meat supplies.

“For the supply of chicken, 18 new plant sources have been proposed from eight countries while for beef/buffalo meat/mutton supplies there will be 94 new ruminant abattoirs,” he said.

Meanwhile, he said a total of 2,487 applications for subsidy claims totalling RM178.16 million have been approved by MAFI.

This follows the government’s decision to approve the disbursement of subsidies at the rate of RM0.60 per kg from Feb 5 until March 30  and RM1.40 per kg for the period of April 1 until June 30.

Ronald said today’s Cabinet meeting also noted the status of the national food supply presented by MAFI and in general, supply is still sufficient and the supply of chicken has also improved in the first and second week of June 2022.

He said the Technical Committee To Tackle Food Security Issues will also continue to meet weekly to refine measures and interventions in addressing national food supply issues.

This includes monitoring the food supply status and implementing follow-up actions on all initiatives and intervention measures designed to address food supply issues.

“The government is monitoring the nation’s food security status continuously to ensure the people have access to adequate, safe, nutritious food at affordable prices.

“The government is also concerned about food producers who play an important role in ensuring the availability of food within Malaysian families,” he added.


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