SHAH ALAM, July 15 — Newly-elected PKR youth wing, Angkatan Muda Keadilan (AMK) chief Adam Adli Abd Halim viewed his victory as a heavy responsibility that needed his utmost attention and care.

The former student activist said in his maiden speech as the youth wing leader at the 2022 AMK National Congress here today that although it was not an easy task, he was confident and believed in the support of his comrades at every level.

He said the focus now would shift to the wing’s ability to bring together support from the youth to boost PKR and Pakatan Harapan (PH) to emerge victorious at the upcoming 15th General Election.

Adam and lawyer Muhammad Kamil Abdul Munim who banded together in a coalition dubbed Seangkatan were chosen and chief and deputy chief, along with 20 executive committee members for the 2022-2025 term.

Meanwhile, newly-elected PKR Women’s chief Senator Fadhlina Sidek said that the women’s wing must carry on and continue to work as a team and set aside their differences.

In her maiden speech at the closing of the PKR Women’s Congress today, she also expressed her thanks and congratulations to all winning candidates.

“Those who have worked together with me previously, I congratulate you for your support. Congratulations also to those who have shown such big hearts during this election. Accept the best team for the wing for the next three years,” she added.

2022-2025 Central AMK Leadership Council Members

Chief: Adam Adli Abd Halim

Deputy Chief: Muhammad Kamil Abdul Munim

Vice Chief: 1. Atyrah Hanim Razali, 2. Pravin Murali, 3. Prasanth Kumar Brakasam  

Executive Committee Members (Exco):

  1. Muhammad Syaril Showkat Ali
  2. P.Prabakaran
  3. Fify Nuriety Harfizy 
  4. Mohammad Syamil Lutfiah Samsul Bahrin
  5.  Nur Farah Ariana Nurazam 
  6. Ng Yih Miin
  7.   Nanthakumar Poapalan
  8.  Sathasivam Manohar
  9. Gavin Way
  10. Muhammad Arshad Hassni
  11. Araham Rahimin Nasution
  12. Muhammad Husaini Mohd Yunos
  13. Ahmad Umar Khair Zainuddin
  14.  Muhd Sallehuddin Nazaruddin
  15.  K. Suria Vengadesh
  16. Ooi Mei Mei
  17.  Mohd Syauqi Md Sahimi
  18. Nurrul Atika Azhar
  19. Siti Nur Qamarina Mohd Ghani
  20. Mohd Fakharuddin Muslim

The following is the full list of the 2022-2025 Central Women’s Leadership Council Members

Chief: Fadhlina Sidek 
Deputy Chief: Juwairiya Zulkifli
Vice Chief: Naib Ketua: 1.June Leow Hsiad Hui, 2.S.Wasanthee, 3.Sangetha Jayakumar

Executive Committee Members (Exco):
1. Nurhidayah Che Rose
2. Loo Voon May
3. Sabrina Ahmad
4. Suzana Shaharudin
5. Nor Faiza Samsi
6. Telagapathi A. Marimuthu
7. Mahani Abdul Moin
8. Ermeemariana Saadon
9. Anetha Vallaitham Pillai
10. Natrah Ismail
11. Siti Norffinie Mohamed Yassin
12. Rabiatul Adawiyah Sulaiman
13. Saribanon Saibon
14. Noraziah Mohd Razit
15. Mahani Masban
16. Rozaliah Mokhtar
17. Karen Kasturi James
18. Ruthira K. Surasan
19. Farzana Hayani Mohd Nasir
20. Wan Zulaikha Abdul Kahar


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