JOHOR BAHRU, Aug 23 — Sultan Ibrahim Almarhum Sultan Iskandar of Johor today said that he would not be rushed into making a decision on the state government’s proposal to change the state’s weekend back to Saturday and Sunday.

His Majesty said he would make an announcement on the matter when he was completely sure and confident that it will be the best decision for the good of Johor.

The Sultan also requested for all parties to stop speculating on the issue or to urge him into making a quick announcement.

“I do not want to be rushed into this decision as I need to think this through thoroughly. I will consider all the positives and negatives of the state government’s proposal, whilst also taking into account and perusing all viewpoints on the matter.

“There is no need for any hullabaloo or politicising on the issue. While I deliberate, I want the government to focus on Johor’s economic growth for the benefit of the people. The State Government can send me any proposal, but I will consider and peruse them thoroughly before coming to any decision,” said His Majesty in a statement issued by the Royal Press Office (RPO) and posted on his official Facebook page.

From Jan 1, 2014, Sultan Ibrahim changed the state weekend to Friday and Saturday, as a mark of respect to Friday’s importance to Muslims, and a nod of recognition to Islam as the state’s religion.

The change, was in fact, a reversion to the state’s original weekend that was in effect since Johor’s days as an Unfederated Malay State.

Johor only switched to a Saturday and Sunday weekend in 1994, when it was implemented during Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s tenure as Menteri Besar.

On Aug 10, Menteri Besar Datuk Onn Hafiz Ghazi tabled the state government’s proposal to change the state’s weekend back to Saturday and Sunday.


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