MELBOURNE, Sept 5 — Halal Development Corporation Bhd (HDC), through its Halal Apprentice Program (HAP) offered by Malacca Industrial Skills Development and Entrepreneurship Center (Misdec) is expected to provide job placement for 200 halal-skilled and professional talents to be groomed and sent to Australia.

Misdec executive director Haiqal Syukri Jantan said Australia’s Islamic Coordinating Council of Victoria’s (ICCV) requires 150 to 200 halal-skilled and professional talents in two specialised field, namely slaughtering and food technology.

“We have several discussions with ICCV during World Halal Business Conference Circuit 2022 (WHBCC) in Melbourne and through that meeting, the ICCV has expressed its interest in cooperating with Misdec for halal-skilled and professional talents,” he told Bernama.

Haiqal Syukri noted the ICCV will pay a visit to Misdec for further discussions.

He said ICCV’s interest has shown that Malaysia’s halal industry, including its halal-skilled and professional talents, is able to expand globally. HAP is a training development programme aimed at producing talent to work in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, food technology and halal-related industries.

Meanwhile, ICCV quality manager Ibrahim Karadag said among the criteria needed from Malaysia’s halal-skilled and professional talents are in food science, food chemistry and food technology.

“Given that there are extreme developments happening within the halal industry and there are more technicalities which evolve as the day goes by with new food processing methods such as emulsification and extraction processes, so we need individuals who are well-equipped with understandings regarding these processes and further knowledge.

“I believe the technical side is the area which is needed the most, for the process, procedure and ingredient assessments. This is where we need the most individuals because as per the ISO standards, the technical auditor must possess at least five years experience. It is a commitment to a career, but it is definitely a very fruitful career,” Karadag told Bernama.

ICCV is the largest halal certification body in Australia and the only authority fully accredited by the Australian Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for export into all halal importing countries.


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